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Robb Zbierski Instructor
My Three Words for 2017
by Robb On January 3, 2017

I learned about the My Three Words exercise from Chris Brogan a few years back. If you want a deeper background, you can read all about his approach HERE.

Like most folks, I have both succeeded and failed miserably in following the purpose of the the exercise. In an attempt to do the former and not the latter, I am sharing this in hopes that A) my tribe keeps me accountable, and B) I always have another reference point.

So here goes… My three worlds that I am using to guide myself this year:


Smooth stems from my desire to enhance my processes related to work. No more stuff falls through the cracks. All my interactions with clients, family, friends and colleagues are easy. It stems from one of my favorite lines to share with clients: “It’s my job to make your job easy.’

Love is somewhat tied to Smooth in that I have set a pretty high goal related to coaching. In the many years I have provided coaching one theme has stood out. The more I can love on my clients the more impactful the work. Less judgement, less soap boxing, more acceptance and embracement. I’m sure my wife will benefit from this as well!

Move. I’d benefit from being in better physical shape. I’ll just leave it at that. Plus, any project I’m working on typically needs some type of action out of me in order to get it done. This is just a great reminder of that.

That’s it. Three simple (or maybe not) words that should help guide me towards achieving my best year ever in 2017. Oh, and if I’m ever off, you have my permission to give me a firm reminder of my three words.

Go get ‘Em!