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Robb Zbierski Instructor
Goal Setting – Make It Work For You
by Robb On January 30, 2013

It’s been a while since I put up a cycling-related post and then I was presented with an opportunity to share some love! Now some folks may think that this post is either A) lost in the shuffle of beginning-of-the-year-Goal-Setting posts or B) coming out too late as people should already have their goals in place. If you are one those, POO POO ON YOU! It’s never too late to take a look at your goals. Who knows, you might need to re-evaluate.

So I found this article and it struck home because it calls out the big ride I did last year. I absolutely had a goal to finish the ride. And that was about it. I actually followed the SMART plan for that event and it totally helped.

Top of Loveland Pass

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A Big Day On a Tiny Saddle
by Robb On July 18, 2012

Last weekend, Eric Plantenberg and I accomplished one of my big goals for 2012 when we finished the famed Triple Bypass ride in Colorado. For anyone who knows about it, this is one of the toughest one-day rides (that I know of) in America. It’s pitched as 120+ miles and 10,000+ feet of climbing, going over Vail Pass, Loveland Pass and Juniper Pass (and a few others on the way up to each). I can confirm is it marketed properly. I took inspiration for this post from one I read the other day from John Burke over at Trek. He does a big ride in France every year and I got a kick out of his ride report. I did to Clif Bars what he did to oranges, but more on that in a minute.

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