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Guest Post – Roger Seip Trains Your Brain
by Robb On March 8, 2013

I asked Roger to be a guest poster on my Blog today for a couple of reasons:

1. He is awesome.

2. I’ve had the privilege of delivering some of his content lately and not only have our audiences gotten a ton out of it, but it has REALLY helped me clarify how and why I have been getting the results I have lately.

3. He still doesn’t have his blog up and running yet (too busy delivering amazing programs based on his book) so I thought it would be fun for him to share some of the web with me!

So without further ado…Heeeeeeeeeere’s Roger!

Train Your Brain For Success- Roger Seip

Are you aware that your mind literally creates your life? Most have heard of this concept, but let’s make it really personal:

Take a moment and identify some problem that you currently face. Any problem will do, just identify it and hold it in your mind for a few moments. Notice how that feels. Now identify one thing that you’re thankful for and hold THAT in your mind…

Notice a difference? Most do- reason being that what goes on in your mind literally creates your emotional experience and then ripples out into every result you get in every area of life. You literally create your world with your mind.

And there’s a problem…

Your Brain’s Unhelpful Default Settings

Our brains come hardwired with tendencies that, if left unchecked, will definitely hold you back. If you’re not careful your brain’s “default settings” will not only prevent you from getting what you want, they’ll often get you the exact opposite of what you want! These aren’t character flaws- they’re actually terrific survival mechanisms if you live in the wilderness. However, for living in today’s world, they cause problems.

Default setting #1- It will overemphasize negative and underemphasize positive.

Your brain has a strong tendency to be hypersensitive to “negative” stimuli and under-sensitive to “positive”. It’ll focus on problems before anything else. If you lived in the wilderness, this would be extremely useful- in the wilderness, the “negative stimulus” is really negative. It’s animals that want to eat you, natural disasters, enemy tribes that want to eliminate the competition.

Nowadays, this creates a major energy drain. Ever noticed that your mind is constantly looking for something to worry about? Ever noticed that if it can’t find something to worry about it will actually make something up? This tendency causes people to manifest all kinds of unwanted outcomes, and can literally suck the life out of you.

Default setting #2- It’s easily distracted with whatever is urgent, at the expense of what’s truly important.

Have you ever had the day where you were incredibly busy putting out fires but got nothing accomplished? Ever had a whole week like that? Not good, but part of you actually likes to get caught up in whatever’s right in front of it, important or not. Again, this is great for survival in the wilderness- the tiger on this side of the river is more dangerous than the one on that side, so it’s helpful to notice it earlier. Now, however, this tendency causes us to jump from crisis to crisis, get inundated with minutia, or- SQUIRREL!

Can you relate? An essential principle of effectiveness is to FOCUS on one thing at a time and complete projects. In today’s world there’s a distraction around every corner. The brain’s desire to pay attention to all of them requires tons of energy, and causes us
to feel exhausted from running in circles.

Default setting #3- It craves safety over progress.

Everyone wants progress- more money, better results, better physical heath, etc. But if your brain ever has to choose between what’s safe vs. what moves you forward, it will always choose safety. Once more, very helpful for survival in the wild- it keeps you living in your home territory. Near home, you know where all the good berries and hiding places are, and if someone tries to get you, you can survive better.

Now however, this tendency creates what you call your comfort zone. You know the comfort zone, don’t you? No growth, no magic happens inside the comfort zone. If you’ve ever known someone who’s lost the same 20 pounds multiple times, paid off credit cards only to max them out over and over, or ended up repeatedly in the same relationship just with different people- that’s the comfort zone screwing up their life! It’s insane, but your brain figures that “wherever you are today, you’re not dead yet so it must be OK on some level- let’s just stay here”.


All in all, if you let your brain run on its default settings, you’re in for some serious trouble…

The Good News!

So you’re going “Roger you’re saying my brain creates my life, and my brain is basically wired for failure in today’s world? Gee, thanks!” Before you decide this is the worst motivational piece ever, I have fantastic news about you:

You HAVE default settings, but you are not a SLAVE to your default settings.

You are a human being, a miraculous creative powerhouse, and as such you have the ability to make choices and take actions. Your choices and your actions can literally reverse these unhelpful tendencies and make your brain pull you forward rather than push you back.

Here’s 4 things you can do to make your brain work for you instead of against:

1. Heighten your awareness of what’s most important to you. Become more connected to your values and big dreams.

2. Create goals that give you energy. When you have well-structured targets that you care about, your brain just turbocharges your energy.

3. Design a schedule that gives you space- for pursuing what’s most important, and for recharging your batteries.

4. Implement a consistent, ongoing system for feeding your mind. Farmers know that both corn and weeds grow in the same field. They have systems for feeding the corn and killing the weeds. Same goes for your mind- negative thoughts will grow all by themselves, so crowd them out with reading, listening to positive music/speakers, and hanging around uplifting people…regularly.

I could go on and on about each one of these (and frequently do, with live audiences all over the country). For now, just get started on any of them, watch your energy and focus go through the roof, and let me know how it goes!

When it comes to breaking records, Roger Seip walks the talk. Freedom Personal Development has consistently grown and broken records for 10 straight years.

Roger has personally delivered professional programs to more than 1,500 companies and has been a featured speaker for organizations such as the National Association of REALTORS®, Harley Davidson, and Northwestern Mutual. Drawing on his 8 years as a stand-up comic, Roger brings a humorous energy to every presentation, so much so that participants have been known to laugh themselves right off their chairs.

Roger’s programs educate and entertain, while repeatedly proving to make lasting improvements in his clients’ personal and professional lives. After experiencing him once, you’ll understand why thousands of business professionals have turned to Roger to guide them to a new level of personal greatness!

When he’s not in front of an audience or building his company, Roger enjoys being a husband of one, daddy of two, and catching humongous fish.

Humongous Fish

Humongous Fish

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