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What Are You Too *blank* For?
by Robb On March 11, 2013

I just got off the phone with Jana and our weekly call took an interesting turn. We were talking about the usual; goals and tasks, opportunities and challenges, wins and losses when the topic turned to the concept of being too *blank*. As in: too busy to do such and such or too depressed to go out or too expensive to book the flight or too uninterested to pick up the phone or too tired to work out in the morning.

Me and Jana

Me and Jana


We had a pretty good list of excuses made up and then I asked her, “What if you were just too busy to put up with all that B.S.?”


I love this question. One of my core values is perspective and I am always looking for a different perspective on things. I have been asking myself this question a lot, and aside from initially framing my day, this is probably the second most effective way to get myself back on track when I am off. I learned this question in one of our weekly calls, and it has done wonders for keeping me focused on my big picture. Not only that, it is a question that can keep you on task when it is so easy to make excuses and get off task.

What if I were too busy to chase people down for money? (fun fact, EVERY time I stop calling, they send it)

What if I were too busy to listen to excuses? (the quicker I hang up, the sooner I can talk to the next prospect)

What if I were too successful to worry about what it means to be successful? (who cares, anyways as long as you are happy?!)

The idea of being “too busy to ____” comes up ALL the time. I hear it from prospects, from co-workers, from family members and sometimes from myself! The brain naturally wants to focus on the negative, and it is really easy to get comfortable sitting in the “too ___” state. The next time you find yourself sitting with an excuse, think about what it would take for that excuse never to have the opportunity to arise. In addition to the above, here are some fun ones we came up with:

Too busy to overeat

Too focused on the big picture to get concerned with the little bumps along the way

Too dedicated to family time to check my email

Too punctual to squeeze that one last call in

Too committed to my book to turn on the TV

What are you too _____ to _____ ? Share below. And feel free to share this with anyone you have spoken with lately who was too *blank* for something.

  1. Layla

    Thanks Rob, I really like this perspective. Last couple of weeks I was too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed and too stressed for a bunch of people, projects and things.

    Trying out the more positive spin like you did: I was also too busy to let others dictate how I spend my time. I was too tired to continue to push myself past my limits. I was too overwhelmed not to take time with friends to decompress. I was too stressed to lose sight of how much I need to take time to invest in my self and my sanity.

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